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4、腰椎间盘突出症:腰部多有损伤史,腰伴下肢放射性疼痛,坐骨神经疼,症状时轻时重,活动受限,咳嗽、喷嚏、弯腰则可加重症状,休息后疼痛缓解。棘突间或棘旁有明显压痛,直腿抬高试验阳性,并有相应的神经根支配区域感觉及运动障碍。X光片或腰椎CT或者磁共振MRI 可协助确诊。







Chinese medicine treatment of back and leg pain recovery program



Chinese medicine treatment of back and leg pain recovery program

Waist and leg pain has been plagued a lot of people, the cause of leg pain are more. Some people are congenital, some people because of injury or degeneration of bodily functions, which can lead to leg pain, and even psychological factors also cause back and leg pain. In recent years, people suffering from back and leg pain gradually increased, many diseases can cause back and leg pain.


These diseases all over the world, including the United States treatment or surgery are using antibiotics and other hormones, not only failed completely cure the means, but also result in lifelong disability. TiandaoTCM Hospital, the use of Chinese medicine steam therapy, first open the sweat pores with hot Chinese medicine, acupuncture and then administered directly to lesions, no intestinal digestion and absorption of body organs caused by repeated injuries, you can quickly recover lesion.


Lumbar and leg pain is very common in our lives, men and women, young and old are all have had the illness, the Tiandao TCM Hospital’s doctor explain: What reasons causing Lumbar and leg pain?

1, acute lumbar sprain: There are obvious waist flash turn sprain history, back pain, limited mobility immediately after injury, there was tenderness waist point position cannot freely convert, pain is spasmodic pain, X-ray photograph no exception.

2, muscle strain: mostly chronic back pain, fatigue state of the disease, and climate change, mostly for expansion of pain after the rest can alleviate .X-ray can be no exception, and some have congenital deformities such as spine bifida.

3, lumbar spinal stenosis: recurrent back pain, numbness inability to walk, intermittent claudication, X-ray films, CT lumbar seen disc space narrowing, the inner diameter of the spinal canal narrowing.

4, lumbar disc herniation: many have history of lower back injury, back with Lower extremity radioactive pain, sciatic pain, light weight symptoms, activity limitation, coughing, sneezing; bending can aggravate the symptoms, pain relief after the break. Spinous process sometimes Para spinal there was tenderness, straight leg raising test was positive, and a corresponding regional sensory nerve root domination and movement disorders. X-ray or MRI lumbar spine CT or MRI can help confirm the diagnosis.


If you do not understand the above description, or there are other doubts can call >>> consulting a doctor.


We are adhering to the service "patient-centered", if you have questions about any aspect of the disease. Whenever possible, you can always communicate via the Internet or telephone consultation with doctors. We will carefully listen to your questions, patiently answer your questions. In addition you can make an appointment directly online or by phone, the doctor can make an appointment in advance information about your condition, that you can quickly visit.

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